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הילה קול מעצבת פנים

I have always been passionately interested in Interior Design.  From a very early age, I was curious about the houses of friends and relatives, noticing colours, noticing what gave me a good feeling and made me feel comfortable, and also noticing what disturbed me.Clever use of colours and spaces has always inspired and excited me and I continually want to make things more efficient, more practical and more beautiful.At the age of 24, I moved to London, and as a natural consequence of my designing interests, decided to study Interior Architecture and Design. I studied at the UAL for a BA (Hons) in Retail Design Management.While in London I worked in retail design firm specialising in hotels, and I also worked as a kitchen designer.I came back to Israel in 2009, since when I have been working for an Interior Design firm specialising in the private sector, where I have been heading up projects by myself, seeing them through from initiation to completion.  I have designed kitchens and homes from the starkly modern to Olde English - and everything in between.I can draw up plans for  all the services (lighting, plumbing,  electricity); and for rearranging walls and ceilings;   I can also design  custom made furniture. Basically – whatever is needed to  give you your perfect home.Now I am self-employed, and my independence enables me to  choose those projects to which I really feel I can contribute, whether it is a new home in a new building, renovating an existing home, or creating the perfect holiday home for clients living abroad.  I have reliable and efficient workers and craftsmen and know which suppliers will have the perfect bathroom accessories, kitchen cabinets, lounge furniture etc. to suit the taste of the particular client with whom I am working.My aim is to make each client feel that I am an integral part of his dreams.  I will “live” his project with him, and together we will develop, reject and select ideas until he is sure he has what he wants.“The project becomes me - I become the project.”

A little about myself

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