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הום סטיילינג

A modern and clean style,

Rustic warmth,

The Beach view,

The elegance of Europe,

The streamlined look of high-tech,

The retro of the 60’s and 70’s,

The mystery of the Far East,

Eclectic and Shabby Chic style,



What is your dream house?




The possibilities are unlimited. “Home Styling” is putting clothes on the house: this is what gives the home its character: the “feel” that will make the family feel relaxed, comfortable and “at home”.


There is nothing like adding a touch of color, wall coverings like a special wallpaper, an interesting picture or an unusual piece of furniture, a sheer curtain fluttering in the wind, planned lighting or a soft carpet to give the home that special “atmosphere” - that certain something that makes it different.


So where do we begin?

Our journey will have a number of stops en-route, which we will discuss over the telephone and at our first meeting.


The Conceptual Stage:



During the first meeting, which take place at the client’s home and will last a couple of hours, we will analyze those areas which are earmarked for upgrading or a cosmetic refurbish: measuring the rooms and whatever furniture is going to stay, discussing initial ideas and the client’s specific requests – with the object of finding that specific style which will fit the client’s wishes like a tailor-made suit. This process continues after the meeting: you will receive a plan of the layout of each room, with detailed measurements, as well as a list of the work which needs to be done and the furnishings and accessories which need to be bought. In addition, you will get a virtual “Mood Board” – an internet tool showing photos of the style we have agreed on, with photos of the furniture, and suggested colors, lighting and fabrics – enabling us to be well prepared for the next step.


The Planning Stage:


This is where we talk about carpentry and/or plastering, about special furniture to suit you personally, how we take advantage of that particular niche or shelf – and how we solve the problem if you have searched for “that special something” in all the furniture shops but haven’t found it. The carpentry can start with one piece of furniture – a bookshelf, a stand for the TV, or a work table – and go on to include a bathroom cabinet, a special plaster wall with niches, or a fully fitted kitchen.


The Selection Stage:



Now it’s time to go “out and about” – looking for furnishing and fabrics. We will spend about six hours each day visiting shops that have been specially chosen as suiting the style we have agreed upon. Furniture, wall coverings, carpets, lighting and blinds – we will look for all of these, as well as visiting those “special” shops that we’ve discussed ahead of time. The aim is to maximize the time available to us by being focused on our objectives according to a list planed ahead.


The Last day - Closure:


After everything has arrived, I come and arrange the house/flat as it should be – point out where each picture and mirror is to be hung, make sure the furniture is in the right place, position the sculptures, place the cushions on the sofa, arrange the flowers and the books on the shelves, make sure that the blinds and curtains are being hanged at the right level, the lighting and lamps hanged at the exact height and more. Everything in its place and that is how we achieve that certain atmosphere that we were aiming for. The decision of what to take and where to stop is entirely up to the client – the home styling is varied, you can start from the first step and jump strait to the last one – it is very individual and every project is completely different.




Not too complicated, right? So let’s get started!

Home Styling

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