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A planning of a house is a very important part in our day-to-day basis. We live there. It affects our behavior, our flow of life. It is quite similar to a map, helping us find our way and feel comfortable and safe from the world outside. It is our home after all!


We want to be able to move around the house smoothly, without needing to navigate round obstacles. We want to feel at ease we are with our surroundings. That is the secret of good planning that suits exactly you and your family individually. Every person has a different way of life, different way to run is house, deal with things, eat, sleep, likes and dislikes and a good designer will absorb every little thing, will listen very carefully, will take a good look around him for creating the perfect area for the client. But design does not stop there.


It also allocates space for unobtrusive storage, and for those unique and particular requirements that each of us has – both as individuals and as a family.


Each one of us is different, and each one of us has a different set of priorities. And I am here to look you in the eye, to ask those pertinent questions which will help you to express yourself, to listen to – and understand – all those out-of-the-ordinary dreams you have always had. And together we will find the solutions which will suit you best.


So how do we start?

The process has two stages – the Planning and the Design.


The Planning Stage


Destruction and Construction: I will indicate which walls we are going to take down and where we are going to build new walls.


Positioning the Furniture: Deciding where each item of furniture will stand, so as to show off the room to the best advantage and for purchasing them in their right proportions.


Electricity – what where: Assessing where we need to add power points as a result of installing a new kitchen, moving the television, or putting a new dressing table with built-in lighting in the bedroom.


Lighting – what where: Changes in the size, layout and furnishings will probably mean that we have to rethink the style and location of the lighting.


Flooring: What changes we need to make – carpeting, parquet, tiles.


Plumbing: New taps and pipe systems, depending where will the washing machine, dryer and dishwasher go.


Kitchen: Tell me about your ideal kitchen – and let’s see how we can achieve it.Bathrooms: Is the space enough, and is it being used to its full?


Windows: Where, and how big? And what sort of window?


Doors: Internal , front and back – What type of door, and which way should they open?


Estimates: I will prepare a list of all the work that is to be done by the builder so that we can get estimates and decide who is going to do the job. The builder will be required to give a detailed estimate, with each item priced separately, and a timetable of when each stage will be completed. If you want to make changes as the work progresses, then the builder will give a revised estimate so that you can decide.


The Design Stage


Carpentry: Designing new wardrobes, or walk in cupboards, chests, shelves, display cases – everything to fit its location, open and close without causing unnecessary inconvenience, and provide the requisite storage space.


Building: The layout of walls – blocks and plaster: special walls for the bathroom, for the television in the living room, with shelves in the children’s rooms.


Shopping: Usually, we take three day-trips of 6 hours each – looking for the right lighting fixtures; floor, wall coverings and tiles; furniture.


Meetings: With the builder, the plasterer and the carpenter – to make sure that they understand what is expected of them.


Overall Supervision: To make sure everything is being done correctly, before mistakes are made, and to highlight potential problems.


Adding the Finishing Touch: After the workmen have cleared everything away – positioning the furniture, hanging the pictures, putting each ornaments in its place …… before handing the house over to you – the Client.

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